Fields of connection

ISBN 9789492331984

The practice of organizational constellations

Jan Jacob Stam


This small book is designed to offer a short guided tour through the worlds of work and organisations, from a 'systemic' point of view.
As we live our individual lives, surrounded by all the myriad possibilities and limitations that confront us each day, we can so easily forget that we are also intimately connected to the larger whole. The 'systemic' way of thinking and looking at the world helps us become aware of the many mechanisms and dynamics that are at work in systems that we normally never notice. These are the dynamics that can, in one moment, give us the wings to fly and in another moment hold us completely paralysed and unable to act.

Jan Jacob Stam wrote this book for anyone who is interested in looking at her or his work, company or organization, with fresh eyes and an open heart. 
This book is the result of the first five years of an intense exploration into the systemic aspects of organizational development.

'After having been a manager and consultant for ten years, and now the owner of my institute, every time I see or facilitate an organizational- or societal constellation I am surprised about the new insights that pop up all the time...' Jan Jacob Stam

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Fields of connection

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