Stuck? Dealing with organizational trauma

ISBN 9789492331533

Philippe Bailleur



It’s becoming more and more clear that organizations can get stuck due to organizational trauma. Since a while, the way we look at organizations started moving from a machine-like to a living systems perspective. Machines can get broken and fixed. A living system can’t be fixed, it needs healing when wounded.

The complexity and speed of change of our society is increasing. We are confronted with huge challenges on the scale of our planet. The pressure on organizations is enormous for multiple reasons. There is a growing chance to get overwhelmed and to get stuck by organizational trauma. 

What if you are confronted with organizational trauma as a leader, manager, consultant or coach? How do you recognize an organization that is getting stuck? What kind of incidents or conditions can induce organizational trauma? What is needed to facilitate healing? And what makes an organization more resilient? All these questions are answered throughout this book that is opening a new field for the corporate world.

20 years of experience are gathered in this book based on the Dutch edition that was awarded for Best Management Book of 2016 by the Dutch Organization for Organizational Consultants. To write this book, Philippe combined his broad experience as a guide for organizational renewal with a deep dive in the field of individual and systems trauma. Based on this experience, Philippe is often invited as a keynote speaker and expert in the field of organizational development. “Healthy organizations can be Forces for Good,” is a key message of his work. A call to action to stop neglecting and start dealing with organizational trauma.

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Stuck? Dealing with organizational trauma


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