Systemic leadership

ISBN 9789492331472

Jan Jacob Stam and Barbara Hoogenboom


Systems Lead. They lead the whole and they lead the individual. This applies to leaders too.

This makes leadership about leading and following, about knowing and acknowledging, about going with the flow ánd about swimming against the current. Because sometimes you need to swim against the current of life to find a meaningful source there, before allowing yourself to flow with the force of the organisational system. This book will tell you what a system demands of leadership. How organisations can flourish and flow from a systemic perspective.

Authors Jan Jacob Stam (1954) and Barbara Hoogenboom (1972) are seen as authorities in this area worldwide. Much of what we know today about organisations on a systemic level, was discovered and given form and language by the Bert Hellinger Institute the Netherlands. Stam and Hoogenboom are founder and owners of this leading institute.

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Systemic leadership

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